Innovative Grant Guidelines: Mini & Maxi Grants

For your convenience, the online application is interactive and should be submitted via the Google Form.  The application period is anticipated to open in December 2019 with awards distributed in May 2020.  A copy of the 2020 application will be made available for review. Completed applications will be evaluated using the following guidelines:

  • Projects should directly impact students and should be consistent with WCPS’s goals and procedures.
  • Project budgets are limited to a $200 minimum and a maximum of $1,000.
  • WCPSEF will also accept applications for funding up to $5,000 as a MAXI-GRANT.
  • Applicants must include all requested information to be considered for funding.

 Projects should reflect specific areas of need and should include one or more of the following:

  • Literacy
  • Financial literacy
  • College career readiness
  • Encouragement of student participation in science/math
  • Interdisciplinary instruction
  • At-risk students
  • Support for the Arts
  • Technological Support
  • Multicultural Education

Click HERE for 2019-2020 application after December 2019; Deadlines – to be determined.  

PowerPoint from our 2019 Workshop: WCPSEF Grant Basics Workshop 01.2019

Contact Caren Cramer, WCPS Education Executive Director: 301-766-2925 or